"When business enable technology"


Certex® -  patent owned by Enigma Systems - is an

economically viable, innovative software technology for protecting the use of digital content broadcast on all types of network (DVB-S, DVB-T, DVB-IP...).


This technology relies on a pragmatic approach to protection solutions. In principle, any security system, however strong it may be, always ends by surrendering to its attackers.


Within the framework of the use of a TV network for pay TV services, the key to the protection problem lies in the renewal of the security device. When the latter is based on physical security technologies (smart card, electronic component) the renewal cost becomes prohibitive so making the economic model of the operator non-competitive relative to the illegal economy.


Certex® ensures, among other things, the integrity of the digital receiver (for example a mobile telephone or a TV decoder) responsible for the content treatment. This technology requires no secret key, no bidirectional transmission system nor physical protection device for its use. It is a "white box" type security system where the functionality is based on an integral control device relaying the digital content.


Certex® enables the fast and easy renewal of system security, in real time, without interruption of the service, as often as necessary without logistical costs.


These functions enable the operator to offer and maintain services more competitively than those offered by the illegal economy.