By clicking on this link our clients benefit from private access to resources placed at their disposal.


Support should be reactive, fluid and reasonably priced for the client. It is on this basis that we have designed our services and products.


We intercede rapidly where our assistance is required, without the necessity of deploying a technician or engineer on site. This flexibility enables us to dedicate a team to maintenance, support and integration operations. We regularly intercede successfully on around 40 client sites deployed on all five continents.



The implementation of a digital TV network requires successfully passing through an learning phase. In order to ease the deployment operations, our products have been created to allow our support teams to intercede on an operator’s platform, at any time. Our support/integration contracts enable the operator to start the deployment of a network in complete confidence and to request our assistance, if required, 7/7 and 24/24. To facilitate the traceability of support operations, whilst ensuring reactivity and quality, our clients have privileged access to our support channel.



The maintenance operations are eased by the possibility to intercede on the operator’s equipment at distance. These operations mainly consist of interceding at distance for:

  • Analysing the functionality of the network
  • Updating the licenses for our products to increase their functions
  • Updating the CAS servers to increase the STB treatment capacity 
  • Reinstalling the databases in case of damage


We offer a training session to our clients prior to the deployment of our solutions on their network.
This training is often available on site or at our locations. Our client will acquire the knowledge and skills to successfully use our solutions.