Content distribution


For those content suppliers who distribute their services by satellite, the control over the redistribution of content is a key point in their revenue model.


The growing development of digital TV networks on all continents need different networks type and combination such as cable IPTV or  DTT networks, corresponding to as many sectors of the marketto coexist in harmony.


Our control and tracing solutions enable suppliers and redistributors to work together in complete transparency on the supply and redistribution of content.


VIP API is a web service API that enables the integration of the CAS VIP Control solution with the billing solution of the broadcaster.


Thanks to the multi-operator support facility on each decoder, the VIP Control suite enables content suppliers to widen their offer to include a market sector non accessible by satellite. In a concurrent manner the redistributing operators can win over parts of the market and gain the loyalty of their clients through prime content provided by satellite.


The integrated offer of the VIP Billing invoicing system and the VIP Control access control enables the content supplier to track and control the content use of each re-distributor.