VIP Control Suite


The objective of the VIP Control® products line is to provide a new generation of content protection systems adapted to the requirements of the diverse players in pay TV business


The protection systems based on physical security technologies, such as the smart card, came into being several decades ago in economically mature countries at the beginning of TV digitalisation. With the Internet era, these solutions show their limitations in meeting the challenges of digitalisation today.


Enigma Systems security is based on a purely software mechanism: the Certex System®. This approach to security, software only, places the business at the heart of the problem with the broadcasting and distribution of content to reconcile security requirements and affordable economic models.


The Enigma Systems security model relies on the renewal of the security device, without material cost.


This model made the VIP Control products line a success, widely used on all the continents.


It offers a viable economic alternative to solutions based on old style technologies.