VIP Billing


VIP Billing is an invoicing solution that is simple and powerful, orientated towards the sale of digital TV products and services.


The added value of this product resides in the combination of three factors:

  • The decrease in usage charges
  • An acceleration and fluidity of the sales process 
  • An increase in the quality of customer satisfaction


The recurrent procedures (such as the implementation or withdrawal of access rights) are automated. This secures the TV revenue services, increases customer satisfaction leading to a controlled management of the usage costs.


VIP Billing takes into account all the client sales procedures; from the order to the on site installation.


Its decoder and scratch cards traceability module optimise the interventions upon incidents that arise. Its management functions of multiple sales points and builtin support of the commercial partners’ management (resellers, business providers, content suppliers) ensure the success of the operator’s commercial strategy.


Interfaced with the access control solution, VIP Control, its client management module enables the implementation of a commercial policy that is flexible and adjustable to the suspension/renewal of services in the event of incidents, free TV access time or intervention management from the client end.


Adaptable to the most diverse economical environments, VIP Billing supports numerous revenue models such as prepaid services using scratch cards, micro payment, monthly subscriptions or on demand TV.


VIP Billing accepts the following methods of payment:

  • By credit card for online sales operations
  • By bank transfer or cheque
  • By cash
  • By TV unit (TVU) via a mobile telephone network

VIP Billing also provides a complete and modifiable solution for producing financial reports on sales, unpaid accounts and de-activations... It is also a strong marketing tool for market survey that enables, when needed, the adaptability of commercial policy in a changing economical environment.


VIP Billing equally integrates an on-screen TV notification system, client reminders and promotion management.


It supports:

  • The sale of services using prepaid and subscription modes
  • The management and traceability of decoders
  • The sale of connected products and services such as installation services, assistance, antennae kits


Due to its multi-site management module, VIP Billing enables the operator to manage the technical sites and commercial agencies spread over several geographical locations.