We pay tribute to the man who cracked the secret of the Enigma encryption machine during the last world war.


Enigma Systems has been founded at the beginning of 2003 by two engineers who previously exercised their activities during several years in the digital TV industry, collaborating with French TV operators, STBs manufacturers and other Digital TV Technology providers such as middleware and CA providers.

Our vision

Industry and digital TV services were born there nearly 15 years to address the needs scanningTV networks in advanced economies.The wave of digitization today affects new economies and emerging countriesThe old solutionstoo expensive and inflexibleare no more suited to the needs of todayThis has motivated two engineers in the fieldto create new generation of "business friendly"  CA, particularly well suited to the problem of digitization of the TV in emerging countries.

The mathematical basis of the properties of Certex ® are based on the works of AlanTuringBritish mathematician who made important contributions to the concepts of computability and undecidable systems.



Who we are

The headquarters of Enigma Systems are based in Paris – France with offices in Beijing, China and Toronto, Canada.Enigma Systems is a privately owned company supported by the French department of industry, by Paris Developement and bythe OSEO (a French public agency dedicated to innovative companies). Enigma Systems‘ownership structure is:
• Founders members have 70% of the shares
• Investors and Business Angels have 30% of the shares.

Alan Turing (1912 - 1954)